Meme Lang

Frequently Asked Questions about Meme Lang

Answered Personally By Zidnaf

General Questions

Question - What is Meme Lang?

Answer - Well, Meme Lang is a group of people, all highschoolers, who aim to create memes and become locally known. You can follow us on multiple social media sites like Youtube and Twitter if you'd like to know more about what we do. We also actively have meetings at least once a month, usually at fast food places around Nameoki Road. We also sometimes theme our meetups, like, we've had a Halloween meetup and all. It's honestly just a highschool friend group that got a bit too cult-like but hey i'm not complaning.

Question - Who Created Meme Lang?

Answer - 2 people, Sundew and Gurinma. Sundew I think was the one who created the name, and Gurinma is the actual creator of the group.

Question - Can I join Meme Lang?

Answer - Meme Lang is Invite Only. Meaning, we cannot let you in without the entire group voting you in. Don't let that discourage you though, because even though you can't join, you can for sure support us!


Social Media

Question - Where can I contact Meme Lang??

Answer - Twitter, and we are quite active on YouTube too!

Question - Where are the links to Meme Lang's Social Media?

Answer - On the home page, right here!

Question - Does Meme Lang only post Memes?

Answer - Nope! We like to post memes, but we also have special videos like our Subscriber Milestone specials. Check em out at the Meme Lang YouTube Channel!


Question - Who are each of the Meme Lang Members?

We can't reveal specifics, but I can list off some of our members and their roles in Meme Lang.

Gurinma - Owner, Meetup Planner, and Overseer of Meme Lang.

Zidnaf - Co-owner, Meetup Planner, and Information Technology for Meme Lang.

Shaken - Co-owner, Speedrunner, and Moderator for Meme Lang

Sundew - Co-owner, Meme Dealer, and Original Creator of Meme Lang

Xeninon - Arguably the most quick-witted/intelligent Meme Lang member.

Flat Nova - Youtuber, Meme Dealer, and a very fun member to be around no homo.

Squidwon't - Meme Lang Social Media Overseer.

Snusfilm - The obligitory person in every group, black metal egirl, snusfilm.

SoulHaven - Arguably the biggest weeaboo in the group, a very important Meme Lang Member.

Granite City

Meme Lang needs Granite City's help. We need support from you. If you've read this far into the webpage, would you mind leaving a DM to us on Twitter, or maybe commenting on one of our videos telling us how you found us? We appriciate it! And thank you for taking time to explore our ideas!

Meme Lang plans on doing a lot of things in Granite. I can't go into specifics, but we have many, many ideas on what stunts to pull off to become known. We will never break the law, but we have many ideas of what to do to become known among this city!

So far we have been somewhat tame, the biggest thing we've done was a group costume event that you might've seen on facebook. But, we can do more than that. I already have an idea for next month that, if pulled off, I will share on the Meme Lang Archive and Meme Lang™ Youtube Accounts!